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Coaches Call is great for: Schedule or location changes, weather cancellations or delays, direction corrections and more. The Coaches Call will make critical contact easy, fast and effective. Our Emergency Notification Service delivers your message, to small or large groups, anywhere in the USA or Canada via phone (landline or cell), PDA’s, and email. Deploy our system 24/7/365, via the web or phone (landline or cell), even on the fly as events dictate. To enhance your ease of use and effectiveness, Coaches Call has made every step of the process; pricing - sign up - set up - deployment, easy to use. At Coaches Call our slogan,
“It’s Easy… Fast… Done”, is reality.

Coaches Call is your one stop Message Voice and Text Notification Service for emergency and time saving communication. Whether you are a league official, coach, tournament director, or in charge of camps or clubs the coaches call service is for you.

Coaches Call is powered by CallMultiplier Automated
Calling and Texting. Coaches Call uses the same technology used to make emergency notifications calls for 911 centers, schools, and business’s...

The Coaches Call team is available to help you every step of the way with easy to understand instructions and award winning customer service support. At Coaches Call, our goal is to increase your productivity and efficiency while putting more time back into your personal, family, and business life. Coaches Call will also entice coaches to volunteer to help!

At PENN Alert your data is always secure; never sold, shared, or rented. Your data is used only to make the notifications your request. Plus there is never any equipment to buy, integrate or maintain. All of our equipment and experts are located in the USA.

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Parents / Adult Players want phone notification service about changing events.

If the same exact message is delivered to everyone the result is more effective.

Parents / Adult Players are willing to pay the cost of Coaches Call because Coaches Call relieves stress and aggravation, saves gas money, adds time back into their busy personal, family, and business schedules.

Proactive approach of the Coaches Call notification is more effective and favored over phone trees, hot lines, and only-email notices.

Phone trees do not work. Few if any want to make the calls, no one wants to make repeat calls on the same event, personal schedule commitments and travel, prevent some from being able to keep their commitment to the phone tree.

Hotlines create the issues: “What is the correct time to call?”, “Did I call too early?”, “If there is updated info, do I need to call again?”, “If the issue is not obvious, why would I think of calling in the first place?”, “Does it really rain in every part of town equally?”

E-mail’s are a way of life, but no one is glued to their computer screen 24/7/365. Few have PDA’s, many adults are over email-stressed from work, and do not want to be bothered by emails. The questions also exists: “Did I look too soon?”, “Is there an email coming?”, “Do I need to look again for the update?” and “Why would I look for a coaches email if the problem is not obvious to me?”, “How would I know to look for a utility or facility problem?”

The above issues are why Coaches Call proactive service rates a 94% interested acceptance rate with parents and adults. These groups are willing to pay the nominal charge for their own self interests of: saving personal time, preventing personal aggravation, and preventing the expense of unnecessary travel or wasted gas. Plus out of respect they want to make things easier for the Coaches / Leaders who give their time.

With Coaches Call
everyone is the first to know.

Contact us today to discuss the needs for your team, club, league, or tournament involving a team of ten up to tens of thousands. Coaches Call can have you active on our system in hours.

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